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enabling digital health tools in Canada through powerful technologies and relevant services.

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software developers

Thanks to our proprietary framework and expertise as clinicians, we will provide you with recommendations on the industry’s best-practices in terms of usability, content and interoperability.

If you collect Personal Health Information (PHI), we’ll make sure your software satisfies Canada’s data protection laws (PHIPA, PIPEDA, PIPA, ARPIPPS).

healthcare industry

We help large healthcare organisations successfully and efficiently integrate digital tools in practice.

We help innovative pharmaceutical companies in their journey towards the adoption and dissemination of digital health tools.

private insurers

As private insurer are investing in digital health programs and coverage, we are your preferred partner to make sure selected solutions will drive clinicians’ engagement.

We will guide you through innovations that will boost patient engagement and improve outcomes.

our products.

towards a patient-centric, preventive medecine.

EHR + PIS integration

Through state-of-the-art interoperability, our solution will be fully integrated into clinicians (doctors, pharmacists, etc.) workflows, making digital health's prescription easy and convenient.

patient engagement

We believe digital interventions must be channeled through well-designed human touchpoints, since patients may need support when it comes to incorporating digital tools in their life.

curated apps

Thanks to our proprietary framework, we are able to select the best-in-class apps available in Canada and account for the quick iteration processes that defines digital tools.

about us.

After creating its own digital tool and seing the challenges for the uptake of Digital Health Tools by key stakeholders, Alexandre Chagnon, our CEO and founder, has developed a methodology to properly curate digital tools by leveraging clinicians expertise. Based on more than a year of iterations, this methodology enables us to properly and rigorously assess digital tools while efficiently facing the challenge of rapid iterations. Since then, we’ve been working with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to help them embrace digital health. On top of curation, our experience has helped us develop an expertise in patient engagement, clinical data analysis, behavior change, healthcare sustainability and much more.

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