Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Each user of the Therappx online platform (hereinafter, therappx.com) should independently and thoroughly analyze the identity and credibility of technology and application developers (hereinafter, the developers) before proceeding and relying on information found on therappx.com.

Therappx.com should not be used as a substitute for medical advice provided by your healthcare professional. For questions about health technology tools, or to find out if a tool is right for your condition or situation, you are invited to talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

For any urgent situation, contact 911.

1. Exclusion of liability

Therappx Inc., the proprietor of therappx.com, or the review team (Therappx team), are not the owners, managers or distributors of the digital tools and mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as Digital tools) listed on the online platform therappx.com (hereafter, the platform). Therappx team has created an evaluation grid to review the tools, but that does not mean that Therappx team has revised all aspects of these tools or all versions of these tools. The developer mentioned in each tool sheet is the sole responsible for the tool listed here. Therappx team is not responsible for any damage resulting from any advice, information, services or products that you may be required to obtain through therappx.com.

Some services, applications, and features described on therappx.com may not be available in all regions or languages.

2. Independence of reviewers

The multidisciplinary evaluation of the tools is carried out by trained health care professionals linked to Therappx Inc. by a service contract guaranteeing their independence in carrying out their mission. Therappx Inc. warrants that the reviewers will contractually refrain from having any relationship of interest with the rated developer or its direct competitors by requiring each reviewer to guarantee its independence in relation to those entities prior to filing its review.

3. Rapid pace in the evolution of digital tools

Therappx team is taking all necessary steps to ensure that Canadian patients and healthcare professionals (hereinafter, users) are provided with revisions of the most up-to-date versions of the tools presented here. However, considering the nature of the tools and their rapid evolution, Therappx inc could not be held responsible for the absence of revision of a tool or a version of a tool.

4. Platform features

Therappx inc. does not endorse or recommend any of the applications presented on the platform. The platform was created to provide informative support for users only. This information has been entered in the platform with the utmost care and precision. However, if errors or omissions have occurred in their presentation, the responsibility of Therappx Inc and Therappx team could not be engaged. You are invited to inform us of any errors or omissions identified by writing to info@therappx.com.

At any time, a tool may be removed from the platform or its prescribability score (hereinafter, its score) may change as new revisions are made. The user acknowledges that the withdrawal, the reasons for this withdrawal and changes in score can not be notified, since Therappx inc. is not aware of the tools used by each user. The user therefore consents to regularly consult the platform in order to follow the evolution of the score and the availability of each of the tools.

Therappx inc. has not undertaken any control or verification of the identity and credibility of the developers displayed on the platform. The score displayed on the platform is a composite of the experience of third parties. The score does not indicate a level of proof of effectiveness or that a tool is suitable for your specific situation.

The platform contains links to online resources operated by third parties. These links are not verified by Therappx inc. and Therappx inc. is not responsible for the content and information you may access through these links. The presence of these links on the platform should not be perceived as a form of approval by Therappx Inc., as these links are provided for your convenience only.

Therappx Inc. and its employees can not be held liable for damages of any kind (direct, indirect, special, collateral, etc.) resulting from the use of the platform, its interpretation or actions or decisions made by a user or a third party in connection with this information.

5. Users responsibilities

When using the platform, the user agrees to:

  • not collect information about other users;
  • not accessing the platform using automated methods (such as robots);
  • not upload viruses or other malicious code to the platform;
  • not access or attempt to access another user’s account;
  • not harm other users or a third party in any way;
  • not use the platform for an unlawful, illegal, malicious or discriminatory purpose;
  • not hinder the smooth operation of the platform;
  • respect the laws and regulations in force on the Canadian territory;
  • notify Therappx inc. any illegal content he may encounter.

Therappx inc reserves the right to delete the account and ban any user who does not respect these responsibilities, without notice.

6. Privacy policy

The user is informed that Therappx Inc. performs the collection of personal data for administrative purposes (authentication, verification or optimization of the user experience) and for non-administrative purposes (that is not related to a decision that directly affects the person, for example to conduct research, statistics, audits and evaluations).

For the purposes of the Privacy Policy, this information is treated as personal information. When you access the platform through your computer or other device, information is collected for Web analytics purposes. The type of information collected includes, among other things:

  • the IP address of the device (not recorded or stored in a format that can be used to identify a visitor);
  • the type of browser used;
  • the type of operating system used;
  • the date and time of the visit;
  • pages viewed and documents downloaded, if applicable.

Therappx Inc. may use personal information collected for non-administrative purposes to compile statistics on communications and information technology, as well as for audit, evaluation, research, planning, reporting purposes and social media publicity/functionalities.

As part of the Web analytics, Therappx inc. uses the services of third party service providers, Google Inc. (Google Analytics) and Facebook Inc. (Facebook Pixel). Because Google and Facebook are US-based companies, personal information collected may be transmitted outside Canada and be subject to US law, including the USA Patriot Act. For additional information on Google’s privacy policies mentioned here, please visit their websites or use the following links: Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and Facebook’s privacy policy.

To monitor visitors’ use of the platform for web analytics purposes, Therappx inc. and its third party service providers both require the use of digital markers commonly referred to as “cookies”. If you want us to stop collecting the data collected during your visits to the site, you can:

  • change your browser settings to decline cookies, disable JavaScript in your browser; or
  • download a module from Google’s website and install it in your browser to block the use of your data related to your visit.

If you change your browser settings to decline cookies or disable JavaScript so that your browser data collection stops when you visit the platform, no data will be collected, but this may have repercussions on other aspects of navigation. For example, you may have difficulty accessing secure services that require a username and password, such as your profile.

The personal data relating to the user are retained for a period of three (3) years from the end of the business relationship.

The user can exercise his right of access, modification, rectification and deletion by sending an e-mail accompanied by an ID to the following address: info@therappx.com

7. Intellectual propriety

The platform, its design and content, including texts, graphics, images and sounds, are works of Therappx Inc. for which Therappx inc. has all the copyright.

The user agrees not to infringe, directly or indirectly, the rights of Therappx inc. Any representation, reproduction, exploitation or modification, by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, of all or part of these works of the mind, without the written authorization of Therappx inc., is prohibited.

8. Assignment of rights

The user acknowledges and agrees that the contract with Therappx inc. may be transferred to a third party without prior notice.

9. Terms of use modifications

Your use of the platform constitutes de facto consent to the conditions of use described here.

The user of the platform also certifies to be over 18 years old and to be able to consult and interpret the information contained therein.

Given the possible evolution of the platform and the relevant Canadian regulations, Therappx inc. reserves the right to modify its conditions of use at any time. These changes will be applicable from the next use of the platform by the user. A note concerning the modification will be posted on the platform. By continuing to use the platform, the user is deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms of Use.

10. Litigation

These terms of use and the content of the website are governed by the laws of the province of Quebec, and any dispute will be submitted to a competent court of Quebec. In the event that any particular provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect in any way the spirit or scope of these Terms of Use, all other provisions of which shall survive by otherwise enforceable.


therappx.com is the property of Therappx Inc. This company, incorporated in Canada in accordance with applicable laws, can be contacted by e-mail: info@therappx.com.