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Alexandre Couture

Pain Companion is, like the name implies, a place where it is possible to have a community of similar patients. It is possible to contact others by private message or forum discussion. This is a social network for people with chronic pain. The application offers to reach other users who have exactly the same condition as you or a pain localized at the same place. We must be careful because the information transmitted on this platform is not regulated which could lead to misinformation on a subject.

The application has a diary to track the pain, but it is rudimentary: it tracks intensity, stress, location, fatigue and mood. It is not possible to enter data for a past period, only right now. It should be noted that the application only works with internet, even the log portion. In short, the application should be used primarily for its supportive community portion which is in any case the main feature.

Security of data and confidentiality

The terms and conditions and privacy policy are well detailed. Personal data is used for the purpose of improving functionality and not for commercial purposes. Usage data is not tracked. Data is hosted in Switzerland.

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Ease of use and user experience

The application is overall simple and well built. It is possible to mark favorites for forum topics or discussions. When a page loads, the user is notified. However the application is 100% internet dependent and requires a very good connection for all pages to load. For example, the homepage in which discussion topics are proposed did not load and an error message showed mentioning to check my internet connection.

General content quality

The application is optimized to provide a community of patients with similar conditions. On the other hand, there is no warning about health risks or the possibility that the information transmitted is false (at risk of misinformation).

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Pain Companion

Document your pain symptoms and interact with a community.

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Pain Companion


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Create detailed color pain drawings to express the location and the intensity of your pain
 – Track other symptoms like stress, fatigue and your mood
 – View a generated chart showing the course of your symptoms and wellbeing
 – Meet patients who have the same pain pattern and medical conditions like you
 – Discuss best practices regarding treatment and pain management in our friendly and supportive patient community
 – Send private messages
 – Build friendships with people who know what it feels like to suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis and many more.

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