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CBT tools are proposed to the user efficiently in exchange of minimal information in a simple and easy to use design.


A little more expensive than competitors. App will sometimes freeze when in the settings menu.

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Michael Cardinal

Pacifica helps people dealing with anxiety, depression or stress. The application integrates many cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) principles into a user-friendly and practical app. Content is oriented based on user goals and preferences. Many tools are offered including lessons, journaling, daily objectives, follow-up of mental health parameters, meditation and more. A community lets people express their feelings and engage with other users dealing with similar issues. Thus, the app is extremely complete.

The app is available for free or as a monthly, annual or lifetime paid subscription. Although subscription is not necessary in order to use most of the app's functionalities, it will allow you to access more content.

Security of data and confidentiality

It should be noted that usage and identification data is hosted in the United States. Identification data may be withdrawn on request, but may not be 100% deleted due to technological, legal or contractual constraints.

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Ease of use and user experience

The application is very well divided and has a very nice design. Navigation is easy despite an important amount of features. The app suggests features based on users' goals regarding their mental health. Users can then select or modify the functionalities of the application they wish to use.

General content quality

The content is effective, engaging and adapts effectively according to the mood of the user. The app also has a support community where it is possible to communicate with other people living similar experiences. The application as not yet revealed the results of a clinical trial completed on May 17th of 2018 measuring the impact of Pacifica on stress, anxiety and depression over a three months course.

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To overcome anxiety or depression.

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The Pacifica app integrates several widely-used and empirically-supported treatments for anxiety, depression, and stress more broadly. Its tools incorporate principles and practices from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness.

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