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Find apps and local resources for mental health.

First, an idea.

One of our developers shared his observation of an increase in collective anxiety. Thoughtful, he reminded us that we could help people with our expertise in evaluating mobile health apps and our technologies: “You know what are the good apps to use for anxiety, we have code that could be adapted to build something quickly, for the general public. People need it.” We started right away.

Then, a hackathon.

By coordinating our teams, we were able, as a matter of urgency, to set up expert committees allowing the judicious selection of apps following our evaluation process. We looked for apps that specifically help deal with stress and anxiety during these COVID times. Our software developers went all out to build a platform for you in one week. 

Here's how it works.

Our robot finds apps that specifically target anxiety and stress during these difficult times.
We analyse and categorise them so you can tell us what you need right now.
Our algorithm informs you of apps that best suits your very own needs.
Plus, we list local services to help you navigate the healthcare system during the pandemic.

Our contributors.

Thanks to the amazing humans who made this possible in such a short time:
Pier-Luc de Chantal
PsyD Candidate
Capture d’eěcran, le 2019-10-05 aĚ 12.15.49-min
Catherine Hardy B.
photo SA
Stéphanie Aubin
Mathieu Nobert
Maxime desjardins
Maxime Desjardins
Équipe Therappx
And of course,
our team!

You might have heard it from here.

We thank everyone who share our initiative so it may help as many people as possible!
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A little more on our process.

Our process is inspired by global initiatives, such as those of Express Scripts in the US, or even the German government, which covers some carefully vetted mobile applications free of charge.

In Canada, more and more employers and healthcare organizations are interested in the creation of hand-picked mobile apps lists. At Therappx, we call those App formulariesOur process in making such formularies is unique:

First, it starts with a robot, which we call our App Crawler. It categorizes each and every health and wellness apps in the two main Stores (Android and iOS) and highlights those that have the most potential.

Second, our team of clinicians (doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, etc.) analyze each of the applications that the robot found and determine if they may be useful for their patients in real-world settings.

Third, our clinicians assess the targeted applications based on 46 predetermined safety and efficacy criteria. The objective: Confirm that an application is good, or rather exclude it if it is dangerous. Then, we form expert committees who select the applications included in a formulary.

We could stop at point three, like many others do, but we feel like App formularies aren’t enough to drive user engagement: we carefully categorize mobile applications and other services in a way which allows users to understand how these applications and services may be useful to them. 

We have been categorizing and assessing health applications for various customers, employers, healthcare organizations for two years know. In the past few months, we prepared an algorithm to help people select mobile applications more safely and support them in the use of digital products. A preliminary version of the latter powers our COVID-19 application.

We hope it will be useful to the population during these very difficult times. Mobile applications have great potential to help the population incorporate new habits in their daily lives. For more details: