About us

Our mission

We improve Canadians’ health by identifying best-in-class digital tools and uncovering unsafe and ineffective apps on the market. 
Our team members all share the same values: independance, transparency and scientific rigor.

Why now?

While technology-enabled interventions are poised to dramatically impact healthcare efficiency, quality, outcomes and cost, the ongoing introduction of new healthcare applications (200/day in 2017 according to IQVIA), and varying maturity of those available now, create confusion and mistrust for providers and consumers, slowing adoption and use of digital healthcare products and services. As a result, 32% of Canadians (Canada Infoway, 2017) now use health Apps, but have no idea if the Apps they are using is useful and safe.
"People tend to trust user reviews when shopping online and use them
to decide which products to purchase, but that doesn’t cut it for medical apps"
- Dr. Timothy Plante, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine at The University of Vermont

Our story

Therappx was created in 2018 by Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist. As a certified Telehealth facilitator, he is aware of the important challenges faced by consumers and healthcare providers when seeking for reliable information regarding digital tools. Therefore, he wanted to create an independent, unbiased and accurate information platform that adapts to the rapidly changing healthcare technology environment. 
Everyday, Therappx’ team of reviewers make sure that the information provided will accelerate the adoption of clinically proven and high-quality digital health solutions.

Our methodology

Therappx’ reviews are based on academic journal publications and appreciation criterias used by the NHS in UK, Xcertia in USA, AppSalut in Catalonia, AppSalud in Spain and Beacon in Australia. They are designed to contain both objective and subjective information about the apps. The subjective details are evaluated by healthcare professionals properly trained and determine the application’s clinical usefulness, usability, functionality, quality of content and security/privacy.
Multiple healthcare professionals take part in the review process to reduce variability and create reviews which are both useful and reliable. Our review process is based on the digital tool industry’s best practices. Our scores are determined by powerful mathematical formulas reducing variability between reviewers.

Join our team

Have you completed our e-courses available through our e-learning platform? If so, you can complete your internship subscription here and redeem your Certificate. You’ll need to complete 3 app reviews using the methodology learned during the e-courses, then we will provide you with the Certificate.

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