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our culture.

At Therappx, we put the patient at the hearth of everything we do. We believe we’re on the edge of a more sustainable healthcare system with digital health tools that will enable behavior change and patient empowerment. Therefore, digital health tools are at the root of a more patient-centric, preventive medecine. However, key stakeholders in the healthcare system face major challenges for the proper integration of digital health tools in their ecosystems. Everyday, we use our expertise, our validated evaluation framework and our clinical background to help these organisations properly embrace digital health tools in an adaptive and sustainable way.

"We have our very own 'disrupt but don't interrupt policy'."
-Michael Cardinal, CCO

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what makes us unique.

We are the only Canadian company in digital health composed mainly of individuals who still see patients on a daily basis. This allows us to rigorously validate a digital tool’s content, adequacy with recent guidelines and clinical relevance.

Thanks to our agile, yet rigorous framework of evaluation, we are able to continuously evaluate digital tools as they iterate and as the industry and regulations are evolving.

In the previous months, we helped large organisations deliver innovative services to their core users by having a deep understanding of one’s needs and objectives.

We’re big fans of data! We developed a deep understanding of digital health interventions’ ROI in a Canadian setting.

We successfully boost providers’ engagement through e-courses which explain why and how digital health must be incorporated in clinical practice. All our current teaching material has been approved by rigorous third parties and allow clinicians to earn CEs and CMEs at completion.

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meet the most agile, yet rigorous framework.


After a year of research and iterations, our framework has been validated more than a hundred times.


Our framework lets clinicians evaluate precise criteria, features and best practices in an objective manner.


We evaluate all components of a digital tool, from security to content, usability and interoperability.


While being objective, we add one layer of validation on top of our framework : a statistical analysis of our reviewers' scores.

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meet our expert committee.

data gathering

Our expert committee gathers data from the literature and qualitative+quantitative data generated by our review process.


When needed, we work in collaboration with IT experts, usability experts, actuaries and much more collaborator specialized in digital health.

value prediction

Using all this information and validations, we are able to predict the clinical relevance and value of a digital tool, as well as potential ROI.

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